We end here!

Tower21 Studios Limited has decided, after a long wait in limbo, to close its doors on this chapter. As a company, Tower21 Studios Limited will no longer be operating in the fashion that it has before. Over the coming months we will be restructuring our efforts, and re-evaluating our brand and identity. Tower21 Studios Limited may cease to exist during this time.


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Tower21 Studios Limited


Tower21 Studios Limited was once an upcoming start-up looking to provide unique local web design and development services to small and medium businesses. The growth of industry technology changed what it means for many small and medium businesses to have a presence on the internet and/or the world wide web. The old multi-page website's that once dominated the internet landscape have been replaced with short, simple, one page statements about a company. In house platforms for selling and destributing merchandise have been replaced with large-scale online marketplaces. Business no longer comunicated with news feeds, newsletters, e-mails, or even new pages on their own sites, but, instead use pre-existing large-scale platforms, social media, and microblogging to keep their customers up-to-date.

In this world a company like Tower21 Studios Limited is simply redundant. We wished to provide a more human touch for local small and medium businesses, but, frankly, we are not the only firm to do this. As such the Tower21 of the past must give way to the future of internet technologies and current firms that, quite frankly, provided better and more integrated services than we hope to provide.

As the doors close on this chapter, Tower21 Studios Limited will be rebranded and restructured. We will no longer provide hosting, web design, graphic design, or web development service as we had in the past. Our identity will be re-thought and our mission will be changed. Tower21 Studio Limited may cease to exist during this process, but we will not forget our past and those who had helped us along our journey.


J Jon Saxton

CEM, Tower21 Studios Limited