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Yui Sakano Rena Ikumi Reina Ikumi
[Yui Sakano]

Yui Sakano

Yui is a fifth-grader who just started attending Seven Hearts Academy. She has lived a relatively peaceful home life with her father, half-brother, and mother until her father died. This sent her mother into a downward spiral. Yui and her half-brother are now mostly neglected by her mother. When the mother is home she is often drunk and belittles the children.

Yui has always had a hard time understanding others, which has led to several misunderstandings at school. Even keeping quiet has led to more misunderstandings. She is often bullied at school as a result. With her home life now almost as difficult as her school life, Yui is unsure if she even has a place in this world, or if it is even worth staying alive.


Chapter 1
[Rena Ikumi]

Rena Ikumi

Rena is a sixth-grader attending Chuou Middle School. She lived a relatively normal life with her father, mother, and twin sister until she was struck by a car while riding her bike home from school. Remarkably, she ended up waking up at home no longer after, without a scracth on her.

Ever the tsundere, Rena often speaks harshly and directly which means she has very few friends. In truth Rena is really quite sweet once you get to know her. She adores her sister very much and will do anything for her.

Rena is very athletic and loves swimming. Whenever weather and time permits you'll find her on one of Chuou Ward's famous beaches, either hanging out with her sister or enjoying the water. Her parents joke that she must have been a mermaid in a previous life.


Chapter 1
[Reina Ikumi]

Reina Ikumi

Not to be confused with her identical twin sister, Reina is also a sixth-grader (that's how twins work!) attending Chuou Middle School. She is shy and doesn't make friends easily, much like her sister, but for entirely different reasons.

One day Rena and Reina were forced to head home seperately. After several hours, Reina grew worried about her sister. She headed out to look for her only to find her bike and a bloody mess on the pavement not far from their home. Fearing it was her sister, Reina rushed over to her. Rena would later awaken at home without a single scratch on her. Reina had paid a price to ensure she was saved.

Reina is quiet and enjoys silence. She'd rather spend her time in a library than a crowded place like the beach. She loves to read. As a compromise with her sister, whenever weather doesn't allow them time at the beach, they had for a library to hangout. If Rena was a mermaid in a previous life, Reina must have been an owl.


Chapter 1